Oral healthcare: Apps for your smartphone

Oral healthcare: Apps for your smartphone

Oral healthcare: Apps for your smartphone

This is the digital era, and the number of professionals with smartphones and the amount of specialized apps are increasing every day. Our environment is shifting towards digitalisation, and applications can typically be found for almost every need.

With regard to Oral Healthcare, multiple apps exist, which not only benefit dentists, periodontists, hygienists, etc., but also patients. But do you know which ones can help in your daily practice? Here we share some apps and their benefits:

Dental Patient Education

Animated information covering a variety of conditions and treatments including Endodontics, Orthodontics, Periodontics, Prosthetics, Oral Surgery, and others. All of these show a 360 degree view of the jaws, which can be seen in layers, from the muscles to the skeletal structures.

Designed to provide patient education, so that professionals can show patients their condition and treatment. It is also greatly useful as an anatomical reference.


Offers resources related to dentistry including clinical cases, drug- and procedure-related information, an emergency manual and a medical dictionary. Ideal for staying updated.

Designed to make life easier for dentists and pharmacists, Lexicomp offers an extensive collection of updated clinical information, to support dental professionals who need to take quick decisions.


Contains an information guide on drugs and possible interactions, and offers different sections with information on diseases and guidelines to facilitate their diagnosis.

This app makes consulting information about drugs, interactions, contraindications, etc. quicker and easier because it is always updated and accessible.

Are you familiar with any other useful apps? Share them with us in the comments section.